We believe in challenging conventional thought patterns.

We believe in challenging conventional trains of thought and behaviour. In testing and questioning routines and habits in order to make advancements. We are driven by the belief that refined data gives people better information that helps us revolutionise the way we act as consumers; helps us make better choices for our personal finances and our collective environment, and helps shift the balance of power between consumers and corporations.

We have developed an entirely new approach to analysing Big Data, and with over a decade of both R&D and practical experience, we now have the world’s best system for real-time measuring of driving performance in terms of energy-efficiency and traffic-safety – Enerfy. Based on this technology – combined with extensive experience in how we as people interact with new technology – Enerfy generates information that gives everyday consumers a specific added value. Our strength lies in its entrepreneurial approach, with a focus on high-quality measuring systems that generate relevant and accurate metrics.

Enerfy’s products and services give the power of self-generated data to consumers who want to be in greater command of their lives and make proactive choices. We want to empower and inspire consumers to make smarter and more informed decisions – while making the journey both fun and rewarding.


We believe in challenging ingrained thought patterns.


Become the most respected provider of services that make mobility more accessible, and driving less expensive, safer, cleaner and more enjoyable.
"We will do to car insurance what Skype did to telephony".


With our unique technology for Driver Digital DNA, we are aiming to challenge and transform current value chains within mobility that makes a valuable difference to the consumer.
We are targeting following segments:

  • Driving and owning of cars (Runkeeper for cars).
  • Car insurance (Skype for car insurance).
  • Car lending (Airbnb for cars).

Connected car market

A strong technology trend that puts us at an advantage is the integration of operating systems into cars, which eliminates the borders between a car and its users. As a consequence, we also foresee auto manufacturers making user data more readily available. The global use of smartphones continues to rise, by about 7 per cent annually worldwide. As early as in 2014, there were 1.2 billion smartphones. The EU decision on borderless mobile data networks is another example of a trend that is driving advancements in our direction.

However, perhaps the most important factor is the consumer power that is growing ever stronger alongside new digitalised business models. The era of locked subscription plans as the only payment model is coming to an end. Customers will increasingly demand to pay only for what they actually use. 
Though this may sound like a distant future, the fact is that we are already well on our way there – and the customers are in the driver’s seat. 

"Traditional companies use new technology to simplify the way they now do things. We use new technology to challenge the way everything is now done."

We are a skilled and dedicated team that already has a technological advantage that we intend to expand. We are challenging an outdated oligopoly with a digitalised product that gives consumers the advantage of only paying for when and how they actually use their cars. With our user friendly technology, we have made driving more fun, more engaging and more valuable. In just a few years we have succeeded in establishing the most powerful Connected Car solution, which has set the standard for the entire segment.

Enerfy’s effects have been substantial. Enerfy has helped consumers drive safer, have a smaller effect on the environment, increase fuel efficiency, and last but not least better understand their car and their driving. The solution is built on a normal OBD-reader, your own smartphone and a cloud solution.

The secret to Enerfy’s success lies in an algorithm of our own design. This algorithm is so advanced that it helps you not only with practical services, but also generates exact data that creates a unique, digital driver “DNA” for every user. This makes it possible to develop completely new and  useful services. The next service to be launched on the platform is a car insurance based on two principles. The first principle is that you only pay when you actually use your car. The second principle is that you can lower your premium when you drive focused and safely.  


We hail from a truly entrepreneurial spirit. We constantly want to challenge industry norms, our customers’ expectations and our own assumptions. We are a small, flexible and fearless company, whose experience in driving measurement and training gives us the speed, creativity and drive to generate new ideas that enhance and expand our offering.
Our strengths, coupled with our unique technology and collaborations with partners – who, like us, are experts in their fields – make us a formidable contender.   
Knowledge & Experience – we possess what is probably the world’s foremost expertise in the measurement of driving, and several decades of experience from the automotive, transportation and IT industries. Experience that has given us insight into the enormous potential found in improving the lives of consumers. Our knowledge generates additional possibilities for new and improved digital services – services that challenge traditional conglomerates that are stuck in outdated business models.